The Power of NICE Inform for Small-to-Medium-Sized-Business (SMB) Applications

If you own a small-to-medium-sized-business (SMB), you face a number of unique challenges.  NICE Inform for SMB is designed to solve these issues.

From ensuring proper staffing and performance by your staff members, communicating with investigators to recreate incidents and share data, organizing your data safely and securely, and more – it can be a lot to handle.

But there’s good news. With NICE Inform, you can enhance the efficiency and quality of your staff, secure your data, share it with law enforcement and investigators, and much more – using an all-in-one platform.

Simple Call Recording

NICE Inform supports the logging and recording of all phone calls, radio traffic, VoIP calls and other such sources, and this information can be integrated with video from CCTV cameras and other third-party data for incident reconstruction.

Easily Organize and Reconstruct Incidents and Share Evidence

Using the Inform Reconstruction platform, you can easily reconstruct an individual incident, synchronize all related media and reconstruct it in a linear fashion. And, using Inform Organizer, you can log each incident and add it to centralized folders, making it available for prosecutors, investigators, and other such personnel – anywhere that an internet connection is available.

Evaluate Responses And Improve Quality Of Service

Using Inform Evaluator, you can evaluate anything from a single incident or call to a complex incident using radio, phone calls, videos and more – and identify potential performance issues, protocol violations, non-compliance and more.

In addition, Inform Reporter allows you to generate powerful reports based on overall quality of service – allowing for more informed guidance when it comes to performance improvements.

Get Real-Time Decision Support

Using Inform Monitor, you can benefit from near-real-time monitoring of multiple phone and radio channels, providing you with the ability to assist staffers in making the right decisions, and Inform Verify allows the instant replay of the last recordings in a specified search period.


See the Benefits of NICE Inform for Your SMB Now!

If you’re interested in NICE Inform and would like to learn more, please contact the team at Voice Products right away. We can discuss each of these benefits in-depth, and give you more information about pricing, implementation and even schedule a demo.