Encore Interview Recording Solution

If you work in law enforcement, child protective services, the legal system, or in any other profession where high-quality, easy-to-use interview recording solutions are required, the ENCORE interview recording solution may be right for you and your needs.

With ENCORE, it’s easy to record multiple rooms, share clips and video content securely, maintain CoE (Chain of Evidence) and more. Learn more about this system below.

ENCORE Provides Flexibility, Unique Features And Unparalleled Security

The ENCORE recording system has been built specifically to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any customer, and it’s customizable for use in any situation – with built-in scalability that makes it ideal for growing agencies.

ENCORE includes a number of unique features, such as a highly-robust search function which assists personnel in finding the proper footage, an integrated clip builder, a video history feature, built-in note taking, and simplified playback functionality.

All notes and metadata are completely integrated and searchable, allowing for simpler note-taking. 16-channel redundant recording ensures that you can use this system throughout an entire building and keep your recordings safe.

Built For Simplicity And Integration – The ENCORE Interview Recording Solution

The ENCORE solution isn’t just feature-rich and customizable, but also includes a number of features that make it highly secure and easy to use. It integrates natively with most web browsers for easy use, which means minimal training is required to use the system.

Additionally, it features Chain of Evidence (CoE) functionality to protect the integrity and veracity of recordings, and allows for the one-click export and sharing of video clips, ensuring that sharing clips with other individuals and agencies is fast, easy, and highly secure.

With its highly-secure architecture and simple design, ENCORE is easy to integrate into any agency or building, making it a top choice for law enforcement, social workers, courts and more.

Encore Interview Recording Solution

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