Evidence Collection

Our evidence collection and storage solution will simplify your evidence gathering with ONE device and stop you from dragging around multiple pieces of equipment, cords, and batteries and will store all your evidence (pictures, video interviews, dictation, notes) in a secure cloud for Easy Access and Retrieval. This can be used for law enforcement, claims adjusters, inspectors, probation officers, social services, and many more applications.

Benefits to Administration:

  • More Efficient office workflows with evidence sent directly to Agency
  • Documented chain of custody throughout the entire process
  • Users trips back to the station are minimized
  • Evidence shared seamlessly across the entire enterprise
  • Saves at least 30 minutes of users time for every event worked
  • Time Savings = More time with community

Benefits to Field Users:

  • One easy to use app replaces multiple standalone devices (e.g. cameras, microphones, video cams, notepad and body cams)
  • Save time processing evidence by uploading directly from field to any database
  • All evidence centrally stored and organized by case
  • Multiple users can upload evidence simultaneously to the same event

Benefits to Technology/Records:

  • Files uploaded and stored with 256 bit encryption in
    FIPS compliant AWS GovCloud storage
  • Easily share evidenced within and outside agency
  • Configurable to any RMS
  • All users using standard process for evidence collection

The iCrimeFighter mobile application will replace your:

  • Digital Camera
  • Audio Recorder
  • Video Camera
  • Notebook

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