Evidence Collection for Claims

Streamline your evidence gathering for claims with ONE device to record all your pictures, video interviews, dictation and notes and automatically upload them to a secure cloud with UNLIMITED storage for easy access and retrieval.

Benefits to Administration:

  • More efficient workflows
  • Documented chain of custody throughout the entire process
  • Evidence shared seamlessly across the entire enterprise
  • Saves at least 30 minutes of users' time for every event worked

Benefits to Field Users:

  • Users' trips back to the office are minimized
  • Save time processing evidence by uploading directly from the field to any database
  • All evidence is centrally stored and organized by case for easy access
  • Multiple users can upload evidence simultaneously to the same event

The Claims Collector mobile application will replace your:

  • Digital Camera
  • Audio Recorder
  • Video Camera
  • Notebook

Product Information

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