The VIQ Case Management Tool For Courtroom Recording

The VIQ Case Management Tool For Courtroom Recording system that provides advanced compatibility between your VIQ digital recording solution and your current case management system, the VIQ Interface to Case Management (ICM) solution is the ideal choice for your courtroom.

Using the VIQ ICM, you can quickly integrate your case management system with the VIQ system, and automatically pull information like the name of the defendant, the case number, and other pertinent details. This allows for rapid customization of each file, fast note-taking and more.

Understanding The VIQ ICM – How Does It Work?

The ICM tool from VIQ allows the VIQ system to connect and integrate with your current case management tool using read-only settings, and the system is compatible with all current, leading case management systems.

Once the VIQ ICM has connected with your case management tool, it can import data directly to the VIQ interface – without requiring you to re-enter it manually. This makes it ideal for fast-paced court environments. In just a few clicks of the mouse, you can populate every required field, and begin recording.

In addition, the VIQ ICM allows you to create case lists in advance and store them on the machine, and then begin recording instantly when a case begins, allowing your staff to be more efficient.

Features And Benefits Of The VIQ ICM – Why Use It?

Beyond its convenience, simplicity and efficiency of the VIQ ICM solution, it has a number of other benefits and features, such as:

  • Searchability in your case management system, allowing you to find cases by location, range of dates, case number, presiding judge and more
  • Features that allow for the building of a new case on-the-fly when required
  • Compatible with multiple case management databases, and can connect with more than one database at a time
  • Provides passive, read-only access to case management systems – there is no risk of employees or users accidentally editing or deleting information on the database.

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