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AI Triage for EMS and 911

Help your EMS dispatchers become more accurate and efficient with new technology from Voice Products

The new technology, Corti, uses artificial intelligence (AI) during emergency calls into your dispatch center and guides your call takers to diagnose and triage more accurately.

The solutions improve dispatcher performance by listening to and analyzing every millisecond of a 911 call. It doesn't just hear the conversation between the caller and the dispatcher but also listens for relevant sounds in the background. 

For example, Corti is trained to recognize cardiac arrest by identifying specific sounds when a caller describes a heart attack to the dispatcher. This ability cuts down on how long it takes to detect a critical illness and leads to improved outcomes.

Voice Products can connect you with these new life-saving solutions. 

Our Solutions

Corti Triage

Triage guides call-takers in real-time. It uses data-driven diagnostic information to help them come to the right conclusion quickly, leading to 25% faster ambulance decisions. 

The integrated AI can detect a critical illness live while still on the call and takes dispatchers through to the right protocol. While guiding them through Post-Dispatch Instructions (PDIs), Triage automates Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs) so that responders on the scene can work faster.  Triage can integrate with existing CAD technologies. 

Corti Explore

Explore analyzes information from historical calls to give call-takers the tools to react in a way that increases public safety.

It can give instant feedback to the call-taker helping them learn and improve, as well as score performance to provide recommendations for improvement. Explore is also a centralized platform for reviewing a case with an automatic annotation which can reduce reviewing time by 90%. 

Success Story

The Seattle Fire Department was looking for ways to better use its data when it chose Corti. The solution offered a way to analyze the data and overview situations that helped employees. 

By using Corti, the Seattle Fire Department increased the number of critical cases handled under 60 seconds by 15%,  while saving 90% of time used on QA call reviews. 

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