NICE Inform Organizer

NICE Inform Organizer: the Best Way to Manage and Share Incident Information

With the power of NICE Inform Organizer, it’s easier than ever for PSAPs and dispatching agencies to assemble and share information with police, investigators and other such government bodies – while protecting the confidentiality and chain of custody of the information.

Using Organizer, you can provide online information access with investigators, DAs and other such persons and organizations using an intuitive, web-accessible interface. Learn more below.

All-In-One Record Access

The NICE system allows for the assembly and organization of any and all related records into a single folder relating to the incident, including:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • MS messages
  • GIS geographic information
  • Notes
  • Screen recordings

Other content such as documents, photos and videos, and evidence can be added from outside sources, providing a single record of an incident which can be easily shared with the relevant authorities.

Organized for Rapid Access and Information Retrieval

NICE Inform Organizer data can be categorized and logged using CAD incident IDs, court case numbers, and other such information to quickly organize folders and retrieve the appropriate files.

Synchronized Playback Features for the NICE Inform Organizer

Using the NICE Inform Organizer and its built-in media player, multimedia content can be displayed in a timeline for comprehensive incident reconstruction, and important content can be time-stamped and integrated into this view.

Export and Distribute Recordings and Incidents for Better Intra-Agency Collaboration

All recordings and incidents can be distributed as a self-contained executable in NICE Inform Organizer, which is encrypted and password-protected. Audio recordings can be easily redacted, and the incident can be burned to a CD or DVD using built-in software for further distribution among others in the agency or other relevant authorities and investigators.

NICE Inform Organizer has Powerful Security Features

Limited-access security features, unique file architecture, and a powerful authentication system confirm the authenticity and integrity of each file and record. Redactions and annotations can be made to recordings without affecting the originals. NICE Inform allows for tight control of security rules and tracks each action performed by users using an audit log to ensure evidence is secure and never tampered with or edited.

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